Two NEW eNetColorado Mobile Learning Courses Being Offered – Starting March 19th – Sign Up NOW

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HTMLeNetColoNameWeb150pxTwo NEW eNetColorado courses are offered:

Do you feel you are on the path to professional extinction?

Teaching makes you happy. The more important your chosen profession is to you, the more you want to continue in education. However, change is difficult and integrating mobile technology into your students’ learning demands a big change in your teaching skills. Is mobile technology the meteor that will send you the way of the Dodo? If you do not change, you may become extinct.

What are you waiting for?

Do you fear these new technologies? Do you lack professional development to use and integrate mobile technology into your teaching? Do you simply feel you do not have the technology to use with your students? You are not alone in whatever limitations you face. We are happy you have found the support of eNetColorado.

Here are two archived webinars to start you thinking:

But wait, there is more.  Please check out our additional eNetColorado Professional Development Courses to individualize your professional learning plan.  Coming soon, our new eNetColorado course Curate, Create, Contribute A Wealth of Web Resources. (available June 1)

Why should you embrace mobile technology?

We have a difficult time facilitating the necessary learning required of our students within the school day. However, mobile technology empowers students to collaborate with classmates and their teacher in the classroom and beyond, thus extending the learning experience. In addition, each student and his family can become actively engaged in the child’s learning from home.

Of course we don’t advocate mobile technology for the sake of using technology. We must tie it to the curriculum. E-books are cheaper, easily updated, and more interactive. Using mobile technology, teachers can facilitate greater differentiation of a lesson to meet the specific needs of each student.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid of this new array of mobile technology?

Find just one idea and try it. New skills start with small steps. Learn how you can leverage student-owned technology.

How are you preparing to join your students in their use of mobile technology? You can do it, you know.

Register NOW for these TWO NEW eNetColorado Course Offerings Starting March 19th:

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