TED-ED Releases Videos for Students

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TED-Ed, an education initiative from TED. The non-profit hosts fascinating talks by some of the most influential minds out there, like this much-shared talk from creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson on changing education paradigms (definitely worth a look if you haven’t seen it.) With TED-Ed, the group brings teachers and students short animated lessons from top educators and animators.

Video lessons, perhaps best exemplified by Sal Khan’s Khan Academy have been called “the future of education” by some. Others, like thinktanK’s own Paul Thomas, have warned that videos, while helpful, should not be a full-time replacement for teaching.

In conjunction with face-to-face instruction, however, videos can be one of many valuable tools in a teacher’s arsenal. TED-Ed’s videos are not full lessons, but would be a fun way to introduce a new topic or explain a concept in a new way to a student who’s not “getting it.”

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