Technology Leadership Forum – Friday, February 22, 2013

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THEME: Social Media, Social Learning Networks, Devices supporting Social Learning – Apps

Come join us on Friday, February 22nd for the 2013 Annual Meeting.   We are focusing on Social Media in education and Social Learning in education – think Facebook, Twitter, Edmodo, Blackboard, Google Apps/Hangouts, etc in the classroom and the boardroom. Guest speaker, Ben Wilkoff will share the power of Vlogging as reflective processing in online/blended learning as well as how it works with Social Media.

  • What social media do you have in your schools, classes, district?
  • What excites you about social media in education?
  • What challenges does your district have with social media in education?

Check out the TLF Agenda by clicking here and for registration, please click here.

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