Teaching Geography for the 21st Century – Starts June 24th – Sign Up Now!

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Teaching Geography for the 21st Century (click title for course description) – Starts June 24th – This course is designed to build geographic concepts, perspectives, and skills for those teaching Geography, as well as to those teaching other disciplines who seek to use geographic principles.  The goal of this course is to enable and equip educators to teach the subject of geography in engaging and informed ways.  It will also help educators and their students to understand why and how geography is relevant to 21st Century life.  The course will include population, land use, urban, economic, health, natural hazards, and other themes.  Running throughout the course will be a focus on scale, systems thinking (such as climate, watersheds, and energy systems), critical thinking, time and space, and place, through an inquiry-driven, hands-on, problem-based format.  It will also be beneficial as a refresher course to those who may have taught Geography in the past or who may be teaching it at the present time.  The course includes pedagogical strategies and technological tools to teach conceptual foundations, skills, and geographic perspectives.  To register for this course, please click here.

If you any additional questions or require more information, please contact contact Joseph Kerski at jkerski@esri.com or Carolyn Gardner  at  carolyngardner@enetlearning.org.

Check the course catalog for all courses and dates at https://old.enetlearning.org/course-catalog-and-descriptions/.

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