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The Neuroscience of Teens

This topic is indispensable for all educators who want to better understand the way children learn, the science behind how your brain develops, and good strategies to use in the classroom to aid them in reaching their full potential.

September 16, 2015 Click here to register
Classroom Management

Classroom management is an important part of a teacher day. Learn some basic strategies that can help your classroom run smoothly.

September 21, 2015 Click here to register
How Culture Impacts Learning

Participants will gain insight into beliefs rooted in culture and how those beliefs translate to behaviors in the classroom. We will explore practices for culturally responsive classrooms and resources for engaging families.

September 28, 2015 Click here to register
Building Academic Language

Building academic language and concepts are essential for helping ELLs achieve in grade level. This webinar is designed to provide teachers with at least 10 practical, proven strategies for increasing academic language and building background knowledge.

September 30, 2015 Click here to register
The Mindful Classroom

We will explore strategies that help teachers and students increase focus, emotional regulation, empathy, and self‐control using the tools of mindfulness. Mindfulness in the classroom creates an environment of safe and facilitates learning.

October 7, 2015 Click here to register
Behavior Strategies

The participants will learn strategies to support students with challenging behaviors.  They will also walk away with a better understanding of the behavior bell curve.

October 14, 2015 Click here to register
Innovative Ways to Inspire Students with Technology

Presenters will share technology tools and project ideas to motivate and engage students in standards based learning. Technology made simple for teachers.

October 26, 2015 Click here to register
Early Reading Instruction – Running Records to Inform How We Prompt and Praise PreK-2 Readers


October 28, 2015 Click here to register
Structuring the Classroom to Increase Executive Functioning

Participants will learn methods and supports to increase student engagement in learning, through executive function strategies for the environment, tasks, and instructor.

November 2, 2015 Click here to register
Practicing Self-Care

Amie will provide an overview of what it means to practice “self‐care” and the importance of awareness, balance, and connection for those individuals who work hard every day to care for their students, families, and colleagues.

November 4, 2015 Click here to register
Number Talks with Math

Participants will learn what a number talk is, why number talks are important in today’s math classrooms, how number talks support common core standards and student expression of learning, and how to incorporate number talks into everyday instruction.

November 9, 2015 Click here to register
The 21st Century Library

With the face of libraries changing, what is needed in a 21st century library? What is expected of the 21st century Librarian? What is your role in the school and supporting staff and students?

November 16, 2015 Click here to register
Functional Behavior Assessments

The webinar will address: What is an FBA?  How do you to collect data? How do you formulate an FBA?  How to use the information to create a plan?

December 7, 2015 Click here to register
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