Teacher to Teacher MtnBOCES Series: Practicing Self-Care

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Teacher to Teacher MtnBOCES Webinar Series: Practicing Self-Care

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 7:00:00 PM MDT – 8:00:00 PM MDT

LIVE WEBINAR DESCRIPTION: Amie will provide an overview (and hopefully, time for discussion and sharing among participants) of what it means to practice “self-care” and the importance of awareness, balance, and connection for those individuals who work hard every day to care for their students, families, and colleagues.  Specific strategies and techniques will be included, and participants will be encouraged to create their won Self-Care Plan based on ideas presented and generated.

SPEAKER: Amie Urbine

SPEAKER BIO: Amie is beginning her 15th year as a school counselor at McGinnis Middle School in Buena Vista.  Before that she taught mostly reading and language arts at the middle school and high school level both in Colorado and in Florida.  She adores her work with middle school students and, over the years, has found over and again the need to practice self-care due to the high potential for work and life-related physical, mental and emotional stress.

Credit: After completion of the live webinar, you will receive a certificate for 1  continuing educational unit.

For additional information, please email Will Yohon at  wyohon@enetlearning.org

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