Teacher to Teacher MtnBOCES Series: Number Talks With Math

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Teacher to Teacher MtnBOCES Webinar Series: Number Talks With Math

Monday, November 9, 2015 7:00:00 PM MDT – 8:00:00 PM MDT

LIVE WEBINAR DESCRIPTION: Participants will learn what a number talk is, why number talks are important in today’s math classrooms, how number talks support common core standards and student expression of learning, and how to incorporate number talks into everyday instruction.

SPEAKER: Desha Bierbaum

SPEAKER BIO: Desha Bierbaum, M.A. Ed., Ed. D. (ABD), is a learning facilitator for Kathryn Senor Elementary.  Her primary role is student-centered coaching with teachers in math, science, and social studies.  She has been an educator and lifelong learner for 26 years, teaching K-6, as well as serving as an administrator.  Desha wears many hats as a learning facilitator, including mentor to new teachers, technology facilitator, SFA reading teacher, and student-centered coach.

Credit: After completion of the live webinar, you will receive a certificate for 1  continuing educational unit.

For additional information, please email Will Yohon at  wyohon@enetlearning.org

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