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eNetLearning Certified Facilitators Provided for Each Course

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Orientation Session begins on September 1st

Course Description

The PMI Educational Foundation has sponsored the creation of the course materials and has chosen eNetLearning to deliver the content. The Project Management Foundations online course is a facilitated experience that integrates the best practices of project-based learning with skills and tools for project management. The course will guide you through the activities that will help you develop a project management unit

More and more youth are engaged in projects: from long-term in-class projects incorporated into project-based learning experiences; projects for electives, such as yearbook; to out-of-school youth development projects, such as student competitions. Indeed, some youth may spend more time involved in out-of-school projects than in-school projects. These out-of-school endeavors help students develop critical 21st century skills through meaningful collaborative experiences—preparing them with essential life and career skills.

Projects are more effective and efficient when they are well planned, structured, and managed. Project management skills are in high demand for high school graduates. U.S. News & World Report identifies project management as #1 in their list of 7 Key Skills You Need to Get Hired Right Now. In their article, Demand for Project Managers Continues to Grow Globally, ITpreneurs predicts that more than 1.3 million new project management roles will be created by 2020. Therefore, project management skills are also invaluable for handling the demands of everyday adult life.

$$$ NEW FINANCIAL INCENTIVE – $75 CREDIT STIPEND/SCHOLARSHIP $$$ The first 100 teachers who successfully complete the course will receive a stipend of $75.00, offsetting most of the registration cost. This offer applies only to those who register for the course, pay the course fee upfront, and successfully complete all course requirements. In accordance with PMIEF agreement, this scholarship is good for one of their courses.

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