PMIEF – Introduction into Project Management

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Introduction into Project Management ™ 

eNetLearning Certified Facilitators Provided for Each Course


Begins June 1st

Length: 3 – 4 weeks

In this course, you will use project management techniques and other project-based learning strategies to create engaging learning for your students. You will finish by creating a unit of instruction that integrates project management techniques in a learning project.

You’ll learn all these skills by creating, perfecting, and sharing your original project-based lesson plan. We’ll work collaboratively to give each other feedback and suggestions on each other’s projects.

This is an online, asynchronous course, which means you can “attend” class during your free hours, allowing you flexibility in your learning.

Learning outcomes

During this course you will:

  1. Identify project management principles
  2. Critique project-based learning
  3. Apply project management principles and strategies in the classroom
  4. Provide feedback to discussion forums and compose replies to others within the course.
  5. Create a lesson plan or unit of instruction that integrates project management and/or project-based learning

This course is delivered by eNetLearning and there is a $95 registration fee to cover facilitation costs.  After completion of course requirements, you will receive 30 continuing educational units or as an option receive one graduate credit hour from Adams State University for $110 paid directly to Adams State University.  Scholarship opportunities are available  for participants who register and  successfully complete the course.

$$$ NEW FINANCIAL INCENTIVE – $75 CREDIT STIPEND/SCHOLARSHIP $$$ The first 10 teachers who successfully complete the course will receive a stipend of $75.00, offsetting most of the registration cost. This offer applies only to those who register for the course, pay the course fee upfront, and successfully complete all course requirements. In accordance with PMIEF agreement, this scholarship is good for one of their courses, either the Toolkit for Teachers course or the Introduction into Project Management course.

For more information about this, please contact: Carolyn Gardner at   or  Jane Brown at

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