Student Engagement with One-to-One

Transforming Learning: Student Engagement with One-to-One 

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This  course will introduce educators to student engagement, one of the most powerful factors affecting student achievement. Participants will explore highly effective instructional strategies in one-to-one learning environments, transforming current instructional units to better engage students by reworking unit content, redefining student work products and reflecting on teaching and learning processes.  Learn to identify the characteristics of engaged learners, assess levels of student engagement, and reflect upon your teaching practices to better engage students.

COURSE SYLLABUS:   Transforming Learning Syllabus


Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to:

  • Transform units to engage students in one-to-one classrooms;
  • Use highly effective course strategies to engage students in their learning;
  • Identify the characteristics of engaged learners and connections to student achievement;
  • Identify behavioral issues and incorporate classroom management strategies to maximize learning; and
  • Implement other instructional solutions for the one-to-one classroom.


  • Identify characteristics of engaged learners and assess their students’ level of engagement
  • Explore a Key Elements framework for engaging students in their learning in a one-to-one classroom
  • Select current units of study and transform them to better engage students
  • Chart current units in a Curriculum Map and incorporate course elements to engage students in those units
  • Explore a range of technology uses to engage students in learning in the one-to-one classroom

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