Middle School Digital Collections

These Middle School Digital Binder resource collections are aligned with the Sample Curriculum Overview and Instructional Sample units created by Colorado educators through CDE’s District Sample Curriculum Project. They can be used for instruction and learning to meet K-12 Colorado Academic Standards in Math, Reading, Writing, and Communicating, Science, Social Studies. The collections include:

  • grade level and subject standards,
  • assessment resources, including CDE Assessment resources,
  • scope and sequences, and
  • lesson plans and teaching strategies, learning experiences and student resources, and differentiation options.

Some of the content is the result of projects in the East Central, Rio Blanco, San Luis Valley, and South Central BOCES plus a number of other districts and initiatives.

Digital Collections Tutorial – This video tutorial demonstrates how to access and use the BOCES Digital Content Collections below located in LiveBinders.

Middle School Content "Digital" Binders

Links to all Content Collections:

Access provided by eNetLearning and the Colorado BOCES Association.
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