Intel Engage – Using and Making Films in the Classroom by Linda Hunter

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Making video clips for the classroom has never been easier. Tablets, laptops and smartphones are almost always equipped with video cameras and microphones. Actively participating in the production of a classroom video can be an exciting and engaging opportunity for any K-12 student. Students relate to and process information much more quickly and effectively using this format in place of just listening to a lecture or reading from a text book. In a video production project students must learn the material being covered as they create a video. In addition to learning the content they acquire movie-making skills. Let’s face it… this is the exciting age of digital media.

Last week edutopia™ released some tips for successful film production called, “Six Tips for Using and Making Films in the Classroom. Click to see this resource.

This month the White House is having its First Film Festival! I bet you have one or more student groups who have already produced some fantastic videos this year! (Open to all US K-12 students highlighting the power of technology in our schools, submission must be under 3 minutes long. The deadline is January 29)… Yikes that’s this week. If you need more time, start planning for next year’s contest.  Click to view.

Do you have any tips to share on using and making films in the classroom or examples of ideas for filming? For example, the students at one school decided to create a video of safety rules for all students riding busses to school. The idea behind this project was to create a pre-ride video similar to the instructions presented by a flight attendant on a plane.  To view the full discussion, please go to Intel® Engage at

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