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TeachersEngageTextTreatmentTeachers Engage is an Online Community for Educators Transforming the 21st Century Classroom

Intel Teachers Engage provides excellent webinar opportunities  focusing on various topics each month.  Click Here to register for any  or all of the following webinars.  Check back often as more webinars are always added.

  • Intel Teach Live: SnAPPyshots – Tuesday, August 27, 2013
  •  Intel Teach Live: Appy-Tizer Review- The Live Edition – Tuesday, September 24, 2013
  • Engage 1:1 – Preparing for Policy and Procedures –Thursday, September 26, 2013


STEM Teachers Engaged in Improving K-12 Education – Flyer Information click here.

In addition, Intel Education also provides Tools for Student-Centered Learning

  • Visual Ranking Tool – Supports activities where students need to organize ideas, debate differences, and reach consensus.
  • Seeing Reason Tool – Allows students to create visual maps of the factors and relationships in a cause-and-effect investigation as well as  promote collaboration as students work together to refine their understanding.
  • Showing Evidence Tool – Provides a visual framework to make claims, identify evidence, evaluate the quality of that evidence, explain how the evidence supports or weakens claims, and reach conclusions based on the evidence.
  • Assessing Project Tool – Aides teachers in creating assessments that address 21st century skills and provides strategies to make assessment an integral part of their teaching and help students understand content more deeply, think at higher levels, and become self-directed learners.

To access, these free tools, click here.           

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