GENERAL PUBLIC WELCOME: Why Maps Still Matter: Geotechnologies for a Smarter Planet – by Joseph Kerski

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Have you ever used your smartphone to locate the nearest coffee shop? Do you wear a fitness tracker? Have you played with Google Earth? What’s the common element among these helpful (and fun!) tools? Geotechnologies, such as GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing—all examples of the growing field of mapmaking. The impact of these technologies goes way beyond locating your favorite retailer; today’s maps can actually help to make the world safer, healthier and smarter. Join geographer and educator Joseph Kerski for a journey through some of the major issues of our 21st-century world to discover how maps are changing the ways we understand our planet. From natural disasters to global warming, from immigration patterns to transportation, from agriculture to epidemics, today’s maps not only provide location information, but also trends, projections and analyses. How exactly do today’s maps work? Each class features animations, videos and live web-based maps to illustrate advanced capabilities. Why are scale, resolution, data quality, projections, datums and other fundamentals of mapping still important? What impact are crowdsourcing, cloud-based computing and privacy having on mapping? How are maps being used to create a smarter planet? Map everything from real-time airplane locations to your last hike, explore some of the major challenges facing our 21st-century world, and discover why maps still matter. Recommended but not required: Internet access outside of the classroom; laptop or tablet for use in class. To get psyched about this course, see video:  Why get excited about web maps?

To register: 

Three sessions
Thur., 6:30-9 pm, Sept. 10, 17, 24, 2015
CRN 1127/ $160

Joseph Kerski, online and in-class geotechnologies instructor; education manager for Esri, focused on thought leadership in geospatial technology education; formerly geographer and cartographer at NOAA, the US Census Bureau and US Geological Survey; author of Spatial Mathematics, The Essentials of the Environment, and The GIS Guide to Public Domain Data.

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