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NEW COURSE – ART -You Can Build ART Into Your Teaching – Starts December 1st – In this course, you’ll explore the works of several contemporary artists working with a variety of techniques. You’ll experiment with these artists’ techniques, ideas, and concepts by creating artworks of your own, inspired by their work. These experimental art projects will help you find an idea that you’ll be able to develop a lesson relating to very own curriculum. (language, history, social studies, etc.) Get ready to play with new ideas, create, have fun, and talk with other students about the process of making art!  To register for this class, please click here.

Curate, Collaborate, and Create:  A Wealth of Resources – Starts December 1st – Curate, Collaborate, and Create: A Wealth of Resources is a three to four week, asynchronous, Internet-based course. It will present an overview of DigiEducate and provide instruction on locating Content Experts’ online educational resources and integrating them effectively into instructional activities to support student learning. Educators will learn how to create an Integration Plan and develop strategies for using technology in their own instructional settings.  To register for this class, please click here.

Moving into Mobile Learning – Starts December 1st –  Moving into Mobile Learning is an introductory e-learning course designed for teachers. It explains and demonstrates how to implement mobile learning with interactive activities and locally relevant classroom examples. This first of a two level course helps teachers transition to mobile learning using background research, planning strategies, and suggested technology apps and online tools. It offers suggestions for assessing student learning with mobile devices and managing a mobile learning environment.  Course content includes online readings, web-based and multimedia activities, and facilitated online discussions.  To register for this class, please click here.

PMIEF – Project Management – Tool Kit for Teachers – Starts December 1st – The PMI Educational Foundation has sponsored the creation of the course materials and has chosen eNetLearning to deliver the content. The Project Management Toolkit for Teachers™ online course is a facilitated experience that integrates the best practices of project-based learning with skills and tools for project management. The course will guide you through the Project Management Toolkit for Teachers, a resource that can be used with elementary through high school students.  To register for this course, please click here.

For any additional information or questions, please contact Carolyn Gardner at carolyngardner@enetlearning.org or Dan Morris at danmorris@enetlearning.org.

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