Educational Initiatives

eNetLearning in collaboration with the Colorado BOCES supports small rural districts and their BOCES in a number of statewide and local Educational Initiatives. 

eNetLearning worked with the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) to support the Race to the Top phase 3 program working directly with the CDE Vision 2020 Office.  eNetLearning supported the development of Colorado Assessment  Resource Bank, STEM in Action, and the Educator Effectiveness programs.

eNetLearning is working with the Colorado BOCES Association and BOCES statewide to create and maintain The Colorado Professional Learning Network that includes a searchable resource bank of standards aligned content resources developed and shared by the Colorado Department of Education, BOCES and districts – eNetLearning also has developed  Digital Collections  of content resources aligned with the Sample Curriculum Overview and Instructional Sample units, created by Colorado educators through the Colorado Department of Education’s (CDE) District Sample Curriculum Project.


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