Common Sense Media’s Incredible Resources

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Below are links to some amazing resources from Common Sense Media.  Please click on the title for more information.

Racy Super Bowl Ads Aren’t Dead–They’re Just Online – Marketers know that labeling something “off-limits” gets kids’ attention. Here are some ways to tackle the sneaky advertising tactics used to target younger viewers.

Essential Book Guides for children ages 2-17 – Parents often ask us to suggest good books for their kids — ones that will engage, entertain, and maybe even enlighten them. So we’ve scoured our recommendation lists and consulted with teachers, librarians, and book critics to assemble what we consider essential titles for your home bookshelves or to download to your e-reader, smartphone, or tablet. From the classics to more recent must-reads, from fantasy to funny, from bedtime stories to chapter books to true literature and more, we have more than 150 great book suggestions for your kids and teens. Just search our themed categories, and you’ll find all our picks arranged by age groups.

Essential Apps Guide – Apps can turn your smartphone or tablet into a learning tool, an entertainment system, or a go-to gadget for just about anything you want to know now. This guide makes finding the best apps for the task (and your kids’ needs) a total no-brainer. Whether it’s for learning the ABCs, editing a video, or staying organized, you can quickly find the top-rated apps for your iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, or Kindle Fire. Just look up your device, find your kid’s age group, and even click to download, if you like. Bonus: Most of these apps have been rated for their learning potential, giving your device — and your kid’s app experience — an extra dose of enrichment.

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