Colorado Digital Learning Solutions Releases Course Catalogs for Summer 2016 and Fall 2016 Semesters

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CDLSlogoColorado Digital Learning Solutions (CDLS) is not an online school.  Each school district works with CDLS to decide how to utilize the courses available based on the needs of the student.  CDLS has over 200 courses with licensed instructors available to support you and your students. Attached are the catalogs and an overview of the state supported supplemental online program. You can also access all this information online at:

  • Colorado Digital Learning Course Catalog click here.
  • Colorado Digital Learning Summer 2016 Course Catalog click here.
  • What you need to know about CDLS supplemental program click here.

We hope having these catalogs early helps you and your staff in planning for student needs for the next school year.

What districts are saying about the NEW state supported supplemental online program:

Bayfield HS – Site Coordinator

The supplemental courses have allowed our students to take classes that are normally not offered at our school.  It has opened up so many new possibilities for our students and given them more investment in their education by allowing them to take courses they are interested in.

Otis School District – Superintendent

When we had a dilemma in providing educational services mid-semester for a student, CDLS was ultra-supportive!  Although their classes had begun, they listened to our student’s situation and dove in to support him!

I am appreciative of the extensive support, communication and ease of the course set-up.  The guardian of our student was able to easily set up the programming with coordination of the CDLS staff and our district. She was also able to monitor his progress easily.  The student was allowed credit for the time he was in the classroom at the beginning of the semester and this mattered greatly to him!

When we found dilemmas with eligibility grades, CDLS was quick to respond and personally support us with details regarding the classes.  We couldn’t have asked for a smoother process during a difficult situation! I am appreciative of the student-focused way of business that we experienced.  The courses were of high quality and the customer service was outstanding.

Soroco HS (South Routt District, Oak Creek) – Online Learning Coordinator

The supplemental classes that our school receives from Colorado Digital Learning Solutions is an essential part of our rural high school’s schedule.

Without these classes our school would struggle to provide a schedule that meets our students’ needs.

As an online coordinator the support I receive from the CDLS tech staff and the teachers is always available and successful. I know they are there for my students and me. Please Contact any of us if you have questions.

Dan Morris – danmorris@coloradodls.org303-917-3922

Billi Jo Saunders – billijosaunders@coloradodls.org720-458-4154

Dr. Teresa Yohon –

CDLS Course Catalog – CDLS-Flyer_CourseCatalog-2
CDLS Summer 2016 Catalog – CDLS-Summer2016
CDLS – What you need to know about the supplemental program. – CDLSFlyer_What_is_Supp_withReport

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