Blended Learning Workshop Held in March 2013

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Donnell_KaylogoThis workshop, held in Denver on March 21, 2013 was co-hosted by CEE-Trust, Gates Family Foundation, and University of Colorado School of Public Affairs.

We know how hard it is to implement something new – especially something that re-thinks every aspect of schools as we know them today. The Donnell-Kay Foundation has hosted blended learning summits in the past. This workshop took a different tack because the goal was to learn about redesigning education systems that incorporate blended learning. What do we really know about what works? What obstacles are you likely to face, and how can you mitigate them? What do you need to think about beyond hardware and software? This workshop explored these questions and provided actionable steps for school leaders.

If you would like to review the lessons from the day, or share the experience with colleagues, download the powerpoint and watch the the session videos on YouTube. The full resource list shared at the event is available by clicking here.

In coordination with this workshop, the Donnell-Kay Foundation produced a report on two local examples of blended learning.

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