Blended Learning in Colorado

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Several blended learning opportunities are now available to eNetColorado partner districts, BOCES, and organizations:

1.    Sponsor an eNetColorado course locally for teachers and staff;
2.    Import courses from eNetColorado into your own learning management systems; and
3.    Use eNetColorado’s Moodle site to support your own course(s).

Partners have the option to use their own or eNetColorado facilitators to support these offerings.

Recent reports by the national Digital Learning Consortium1 and the Donnell-Kay Foundation2 make recommendations for state policy considerations related to blended and online learning.  Blended learning combines online courses with face-to-face formats in varying degrees.  Districts faced with increased budget reductions are turning to online learning solutions for students to save costs and address teacher vacancies.  In addition, districts find online blended learning useful for providing professional development while minimizing the impact on teachers’ classroom time.

eNetColorado’s blended learning pilot course–the Intel Teach Elements course on Project-Based Approaches– was highlighted in the Donnell-Kay report.  Offered in fall 2010 in partnership with Northeast BOCES for 125 teachers, the course was considered successful for several reasons.  This delivery method takes advantage of technology to bridge long distances, while providing participants with excellent curriculum, resources, ongoing learning and support.  Moreover, this type of learning experience gives educators a first-hand sense of what is means to learn with 21st-century tools, such as online discussions and virtual classrooms.

Next steps for eNetColorado will include adding more blended learning experience.  See the current course offerings at or contact Dan Morris ( to learn how to set up your own online or blended learning professional development.

1 Digital Learning Now!, Foundation for Excellence in Education, December 2010

2 Blended Learning: The Best of Both Worlds, Donnell-Kay Foundation, 2011

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